AMS42A Versatile re-manufactured Black Ink

AMS42 Versatile re-manufactured Black Ink
AMS42 Versatile re-manufactured Black Ink
Item# AMS-AMS42
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Product Description

Color: Black

Type: Remanufactured

Part No.: C8842A (# 45)

Category: Inkjet Cartridge

Capacity: 40 ml

No. of pages: Varies based on data printed

Rena DA-610, DA-612, DA-615, DA-620.

Envelope Imager I, Envelope Imager, II, Envelope Imager III.

XPS-80, XPS-90, XPS-2000, PS-2000.

Pitney Bowes AddressRight® models DA400, DA500, DA550, DA550e, DA700, DA750, DA750e, DA900, DA950, W400, W660, W680, W707, W790, W803, W990, W99P.

Secap 22K, 26K, 24KPSV, 24K, 30K.

PRINTSTREAM I, II, V250, V300 MCS Array, GIS4250 Bryce 9K, 9K-L, 11K, 13K, 13KC, 22K, 24K, 24K-P / PC, 26K, 30K.

Bryce Jet Mach 1 Datatech DP2000.

PrintStream I, II Kirk-Rudy NetJet.

Clogs less than the origional with Anti-Clog technology and prints darker!!

Save money and Go Green with our Remanufactured AMS42 C8842A Ink Cartridge.

Feel confident in your purchase because it is Guaranteed! Note! Because of the nature of this ink, and the darkness you will probably find you can run AMS42 at a lower print quality compared to C8842A and still get the same results! Saving you even more money! So if you find it is not drying fast enough, please try lowering the print quality.




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