DATA-PAC Digital Postage Machines

DATA-PAC  Digital Postage Machines
Data-Pac offers the fastest "weigh-in-motion" mailing machines on the market today at 200LPM, in weigh-in-motion mode; two other, mid-line machines, process at 140LPM and 100LPM in weigh-in-motion. Data-Pac provides USPS shaped-based solutions which will interface with existing mailing systems including: PBŪ DM500 to DM1000; Hasler'sŪ Power Post, 220, 320 Series, and Hasler'sŪ WJ, 65, 95, 110, 150, 185, 220, 250, plus shape-based differential weighing.

Our equipment products and associated software are designed to operate in high production 24/7 environments with the lowest cost of ink and highest degree of technology in the industry. We touch every envelope with software for the ultimate in accuracy and control.

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