Quality Pre-Owned Envelope Inserting Machines

Used Envelope Inserting Machine

Used or Rebuilt mailing equipment is an excellent alternative to the high cost of new equipment. There are many Inserters systems that come back on the market for many different reasons, such as upgrading, end of lease or no longer have a use for it. So what ever the reason is, it means that you can get a great deal on Used or Rebuilt mailing equipment. Generally the savings range is 40-60% off new price for a rebuilt mailing equipment and 20-80% for used mailing equipment. Depending on the age, condition and configuration.

Bell and Howell Inserters model 10,000, Model A340, Mailstar model 500, Mailstar models 400 & 450, Inscerco Inserters 9800, 9800L, 1200, 1200X Tunovers, Stacker and Conveyor delivery models

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